The #WIFELIFE Master Course is designed to help best prepare women for the #wifelife journey ahead. It's great to prepare for the wedding... but it's even more important to prepare for the MARRIAGE!

The course consists of 8 Modules and covers topics such as: 

  • Marriage Is A Mindset

  • Housekeeping & Chores

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Secret Codes

  • Reproduction & Legacy Building

  • Food & Sex

  • Rules & Boundaries

  • In Laws

  • Fertility Concerns

  • Account Management & Finance

...and much more.


Theory and practical exams feature in our face to face courses and assignments are set for the online course.

It can be taken via four different routes:

  1. Group Face to Face Master Course (Includes online option)

  2. One to One Master Course        (Includes online option) 

  3. Online  Video Master Course

  4. Or... why not book us for your bridal shower? And see if you’re really ready for #Wifelife with all your friends & family present! 

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