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The Real Husband List Marriage Fast - August 2018

Bonjour lovelies!

The Real Husband List Marriage Fast starts tomorrow for those who'd like to join and I'm truly praying that God is going to surprise you in a beautiful, awesome way!

The marriage ministry started on the basis of God leading me to pray and fast for His choice of a husband for me... The one that He had chosen for me. This was back in August 2010.

My passion is to see Godly Christ centred marriages formed and Godly Christ centred marriages restored and upheld.

The devil HATES marriage and he can try anything to stop it or to ruin it. But the devil is a liar...so let's do this!

Please note that we're not doing this in order to treat God like our personal magic genie... or to be so focused on and obsessed with marriage that we lose sight of what the bigger picture is... and the bigger picture is God.

We're doing this to align ourselves with God's Plan and God's Will. To be fully surrendered and obedient to what His desire for us is concerning marriage - and for us to have peace with the matter and to reject all that the enemy has tried to speak over us concerning our marriages/future marriages.

It's an opportunity for us to just sit at His feet, to soak in His presence, to be still and to know that He is God and Lord of Lords over our lives and over our relationships.

Some of you are single, dating, courting, engaged, newly weds, old timers (lol), separated, divorced, whatever. Everyone's situation is totally unique and different and God cares about each and every one.

I pray that it will be a true blessing and that beautiful testimonies will come forth in Jesus' name.

And remember... there is power in persistence.... don't give up on God 2 feet away from the finish line just because you can't see where the finish line is. Sometimes it's hidden behind the glistening smiles of an ex - so you need to push his big head (and not just the one on the top half of his body) out of the way to get to the true prize that God has set apart for you.

So! How are we doing this thing? Lol!

* Each day we're going to fast from Midnight to 6pm.

* Make sure you're praying throughout this period.

* We will use a prayer each day from The Real Husband List book to form the basis of our prayers.

* Write down any specific prayer points/revelations for each day in the Notes section of your book or if you have the e-copy, jot down to share with us all later.

* There will be a 1 hour live webinar on the 31st August just after 6pm for all to join in and pray/share together.

Those are the main guidelines.

I know we've got people joining from all parts of the world so time differences etc will come into play - but just go with (Midnight to 6pm) in your specific time zone. The webinar however will be London UK time.

And remember, everyone takes prayer and fasting in their own personal way. I'll be doing mine as a liquid fast as I'm currently breastfeeding Prince Joshua lol - so don't get too caught up in the details of whether or not you're doing it right.

The primary focus is you being in God's face.

So happy and blessed to be doing this with you all!

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B xx

Here's the link to join:



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