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Pray for Your Husband’s Spiritual Hearing - Expectations in Marriage

Bonjour Lovelies!

Day 4 of #therealhusbandlistfast is about praying for your husband/future husband to have spiritual hearing.

So the only voice they hear is The Lord’s and not the voice of a strange woman... the voice of distraction... the voice of anxiety... the voice of past hurts and failures... the voice of money worries... the voice of condemnation...

... But sometimes, these men won’t always hear the right voice. Our expectations need to be realistic. We need to look at ourselves too and cast out all elements of pride because we don’t always hear the right voice either.

Let’s manage our expectations and make them realistic so instead of focusing on condemning men ... we need to be praying for them.

Pray for their spiritual hearing and pray for God to help us to be realistic in everything.

Nothing is by our power or by our strength but by His

G R A C E 🙏🏾 #prayerandfasting #marriagegodsway #therealhusbandlist


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