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Updated: Feb 5, 2018


I may get some backlash for this … but … as much as I admire Miss Winfrey for all of her accomplishments and achievements and rising in life in the face of such despicable and horrible circumstances… can we just take a moment to remember that she is NOT God!!!

People seem to have a fascination with elevating others and putting them on a pinnacle so much that they forget their senses and start giving them almost divine like qualities… It happens on X Factor and on American Idol, where normal everyday people all of a sudden get thrust into the limelight and now have a barrage of screaming crying fans! As in why???

Did you know that person before last week? And then all of a sudden it’s like their lives can’t exist without them in it.

The idea of “celebrity” and man’s desire to serve and feed that concept is so worrying … but I guess it takes us back to Moses, the wilderness and the golden calf… that desire to want to worship something….

Well… worship God then! That’s what you were born and created to do!

“Heaven is THE GOAL! Yet many Christians put some of these Christian insta star on a pedestal...”

And the same goes for all of these “couple goals” “relationship goals” “husband goals” wife goals” blah blah blah! It’s all nonsense and rubbish – and be wary of those you look up to – even in the Christian World – who use those hashtags and terms – because quite frankly … those kind of “goals” don’t exist. Heaven is THE GOAL! Yet many Christians put some of these Christian insta star on a pedestal so high that they have to strain their own necks just to try and look up to see and copy what they’re doing.

… But I digress…

Back to Oprah…

Her recent speech at the Golden Globes was dripping with passion and awe … but can we please all remember that this woman who claims that Christ is NOT the only way… and that we should all see ourselves as our own gods… is NOT GOD! And never will be! #idontserveidols

I didn’t mean for my first post of 2018 on the blog to be about Oprah lol!

But it is a fitting message to run with this New Year. Think carefully about what you may have made an idol in your life last year. Is it the idea of hanging on to a relationship that you should have let go of? Or is it a certain guy in your life whom you just can’t seem to shake (because you had a dream that you would be married?)

“You’re not going to know who your husband is if you’re not looking at Jesus first….”

Let this year be the year where you just let go of all that stuff. Drop every idol in your life that you’ve been holding onto whether knowingly or unknowingly – sit at the feet of Jesus with empty palms so that He can fill them with what you need. Let Him govern and show you what and who you need to be focusing on. You’re not going to know who your husband is if you’re not looking at Jesus first… and you’re not going to know how to fix your marriage… if you’re too busy with your eyes fixed on that couple on YouTube instead of on Christ first…

Just wanted to share that with you and get it off my chest lol.

Praying you all have an awesome year this 2018 – and for those on the prayer and fasting journey of Marriages by 2019… keep on sending in your prayer points on Tuesdays. God will surely do this in Jesus’ name. He sees all and will never let the faithful down.

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B xx


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