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Marriage: What would you like to know?

Bonjour lovelies!

Hope you’re all well! And Happy Think Fast Tuesday!

Think Fast Tuesday happens every Tuesday in the Busari household and it’s the day I take time out to specifically fast and pray for my marriage - for its upkeep, fine tuning, for my husband and the things that concern him, for us to be covered as man and wife, for our children to be covered and immersed in God’s presence ... you get my drift lol...

But as much as it’s a day for me to pray and fast for my marriage - it’s also a day for me to pray and fast for others and whatever their prayer points may be.

So feel free to send in your prayer points and I’ll be praying for you.

Right! So it’s been 5 years of marriage and I’ve learnt so much within that relatively short space of time (or a very long half of a decade lol!)

SO much has happened in my life since the days when Christ would take me to Heaven and show me things about my then future marriage and then future children and my future life. The teachings and training He bestowed upon me is priceless and I see the evidence of this daily!

I recently attended a training course so that I can deliver official relationship counselling and being on the course made me realise that The Holy Spirit truly is an amazing counsellor. He had literally already taught me these things before and this course was merely to have the official accreditation I guess.

As I mentioned before, I have decided to come off of Instagram for the month of November, to focus specifically on ministering on Marriage through this blog and I want to know what you want to know! Lol!

What advice do you need? What marriage/relationship posts would you want to see? I have a few up my sleeve but I also want the content to be directed by what’s required and necessary for you.

So ask your friends what they want to see too and encourage them to sign up and post your comments below.

I’ll be doing 2 posts a week based on your suggestions so keep them flowing through - and if it’s a topic you’re shy about then feel free to send it in as an email too and I’ll handle it.

The first post will definitely be about the time God told me to Know My Role and Shut My Mouth! (sounds crazy right? But it’s true! Lol!)

But that’s a story for later in the week.

In the mean time, send your comments and suggestions through. I truly do believe in God’s gift of marriage and one thing I can’t stand is FAKERY.

There’s no point having a glamorous “social media” wedding when in reality you can‘t stand each other‘s guts. It’s deceptive and sends out the totally wrong message to others who may be aspiring to emulate you or who are at least influenced by what they’re seeing.

So let‘s get it right people! Xx

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B xx

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