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Bonjour lovelies!!!

We literally have ONE week left to go of The Real Husband List Fast.

Where has the time gone?! It feels like just yesterday when we were starting it all!

God has been so faithful! He’s so real and doesn’t care about fakery. When things are hard and tough, they will be hard and tough! But that doesn’t mean He isn’t right there with you through all the “hardness” and “tough-ness”!!!

I know that this fasting period has been very trying and challenging for some. For others, they’ve had speedy revelation. And for others still... God is revealing things bit by bit.

I want to encourage you to stay the course and let Him lead you - whilst most importantly, you do your bit.

Perfect marriages don‘t just exist. Like lawns, they have to be manicured and taken care of. The natural state is to be alone ... but God doesn’t want us to be alone - which is why in my eyes, Marriage is supernatural. It takes God’s Grace and help to do it right. We can’t leave Him out of the equation at all - and we must equally do our part.

Even when trusting God for a spouse... Make sure you’re doing your part... water your lawn... manicure your “garden” (including the one down there ladies! Lol!) Prepare yourself for the marriage you want to have. Prepare yourself for the Wifelife you want to have. For the wife you want to be. (We‘re Currently doing a half price discount on all modules for the online Wifelife Master Course to help future brides/current wives on the Fast best prepare/embody the wives that they aim to be ... click below to take up the discounted course ... offer only lasts for the next 7 days).


I started this fast this year with so much zeal and belief that God is MOVING and showing up for each and every woman who has signed up. Though I personally struggled with some aspects along the way... God has truly strengthened me (and thank you so much to everyone who prayed for me). Receiving doses of His Spirit just empowers you with His sense of love! I am trusting and believing for God news for you all.

Remember sometimes we have to go through the fire to come out truly refined. The process of pruning is not easy and it’s sometimes painful - but it’s worth it. It takes grit and hard work and even a little bit of sweat to get a garden looking beautifully manicured ... but remember ... a manicured garden is exactly that... a beautiful one. And that’s the marriage God has for you. It is His desire for you. Are you ready to get the sheers out today? Cut away everything that doesn’t need to be in your life/marriage/agenda right now. (Pride/Fear/The Ex/Old Habits/Excuses/Rejection/Envy/Laziness/Doubt) ... Whatever it may be... Tidy it all up and march on confidently towards that God ordained marriage that He has set out before you.

See you on Instagram Live on Tuesday 8pm (UK Time)

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B xx


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