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Living The Surendered Life Bible Study

Bonjour lovelies!

The Surendered Life Bible Study starts today!

Last week, Mr B and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and it REALLY made me think!!!

When I look at what God has done in our life over the past 5 years - it’s so easy to see what His plan for us was all along... In HINDSIGHT!!!

But at the start of those 5 years and during it, we went through so many trials and challenges and victories in Him ... and then more trials and more challenges and more victories in Him!


It was kind of like a cycle. And throughout the whole process... instead of having the full confidence and faith that “God’s got this” ... (despite EVERYTHING I’ve seen God do on a spiritual level in my life) ... the truth is ... as humans ... we‘re prone to have those moments when we take our eyes off Christ and forget that we CAN WALK ON WATER!

And that’s when self survival mode kicks in and arms and legs start thrashing and when you feel you’re doing all you can to survive, you don’t realise that you’re actually drowning.

But just like swimming, when you surrender yourself to the ebbs and flows of His current, you’ll still be safe and secure - regardless of it being high or low tide.

I for one know that if I had fully trusted His PLAN’s and His WILL, then I would have saved myself a lot of heartache and anxiety. Not to say that the trials and challenges wouldn’t have come, but the way I would have dealt with it during that time would have been different.

It’s really easy to say this all in hindsight but my prayer is that going forward - I will practice what I’m preaching up here!

Lord Jesus Help Me! Lol!

So for for anyone who‘d like to live the surrendered life with me, join me in this 21 day Bible Study... and keep the conversation going on You Version.

Love you all xx

The link is below:


Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B xx


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