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God Is GOOD!!!!

Bonjour lovelies!!!!

Hope you’re all well.

Praise God we’ve made it to the last month of 2018 and for me personally, this year has had many ups and downs and ups - but regardless of it all ... the one Constant is God’ goodness.

It’s the one thing we can always and forever hold on to - because so many other blessings spring from it. Even when situations seem helpless or when it’s hard to see just how and why something seemingly bad or uneventful is happening in life - God is still good!

I’m learning to trust even more in the fact that He’s working all things out for my good and I just want to encourage you to do the same.

Don’t fret about where you are in life right now or about what didn’t work out for you this year - because God’s already worked it out.

For me, this time last year I was newly pregnant with my second born and anxious about what was in store for our family. Now... my little Prince Joshua is almost 10 months! And we can only trust in God for what’s in store for us.

Just remember to stay planted at the centre of His will and never turn your back on Him.

He’s got you!

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B xx

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