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God Didn’t Have to Chase Eve!!! Stop Running Woman!

Bonjour lovelies.

It’s just after 3am here (UK) time and I’ve just had to use the blood of Jesus to fire away a fox that was trying to dig into the front of my garden to get through into the back of the house!

Not today Satan! Not any day!

Every plan of the enemy to disrupt this fast for anyone is destroyed in Jesus’ name. They shall not break into your spiritual space. I build up a fortress on your behalf and declare that as you Jane taken the step to join this fast, you shall be safe and secure and no plan of the enemy shall trespass over your life in Jesus’ name Amen.

I’ve felt lead to share something important with you. This scripture I’ve sent is something we need to hold on to and remember.

We’re on Day 10 of the Fast and Day 3 of you doing it in your own way - for the next 21 days. I pray it’s going well for you whatever you’ve decided to do.

For some, they’ve given up Netflix, some have given up Instagram, others have given up sugar! (That’s a good idea lol).

For me, I’ve decided to unfailingly go back to doing my 3am prayers for my husband. It hasn’t even occurred to me how I much I had become complacent with these and as I mentioned just before we started the fast, this year had been the toughest for Mr B and I in our marriage- and sometimes I wonder if it’s because my prayer life had become a bit too complacent.

Trust me... once you relax a bit, the devil takes it as a sign that we’re not on guard and the truth is... we have to remember who we’re wrestling and fighting with ... the scripture I sent here makes it so clear. There are no days off when it comes to the devil.

So I’ve vowed that for the last 21 days of the Fast, I’m going to unfailingly be doing my 3am prayers - as 3am was the exact time that the angel first came to visit me to tell me about God’s plans for Mr B to be my husband.

Furthermore, I will also be eating only fruit, vegetables and drinking water until 6am each day until the Fast is over.

Fruit to represent fruitfulness. Vegetables to represent strength and excellence and water to represent purity. As the one who called this fast, I feel like I need to ensure that I am spiritually strong for all of you (as well as for myself lol).

I want this fast to be fruitful for each and every one of you.

Sometimes it breaks my heart when it seems like delay is acting in its complete fullness of the word!!! And the results of the Fast seem to come slowly for some, when it seems to be like a firecracker of revelation and breakthrough for others.

So just as Daniel ate only fruit and veg when he was in Babylon, I am doing the same to evoke a spirit of excellence, purity and fruitfulness. That everyone who’s in this fast will receive results from the Lord speedily and with a heart of expectancy. There shall be breakthroughs in Jesus’ name!

The one thing I beg from you all is to know and acknowledge that God is real and there is nothing that He can’t do for you. The fact that He reveals things to me in a certain way doesn’t mean that He won’t reveal things to you in a certain way too. But it will be in a way that is most receptive to you individually - and sometimes... that simply just means He will give you revelation through the words of someone else because He’s testing your faith.

The question is... will you let go of Him now? Or run even deeper into Him. The husband He has ordained, moulded and shaped for you lies within Him. Even if you’re already married... the man that God has called your husband to be lies within Him. The deeper you rely on Him and allow your spirit man to connect with Him... the more He will teach you to find the qualities in your husband that are there to be shaped and formed within Him. For those not yet married, the deeper you rely on Him (unwaveringly) and just LITERALLY sit at His feet and listen... He will reveal more and more to you about your future husband.

Remember, God brought Eve to Adam. He was able to do so because He wasn’t running around the garden looking for where Eve had run off to. She was already at His feet waiting to be given to Adam. If you keep playing games with God and are not being consistent in your walk with Him - or you allow the lies of the enemy to cause you to question what God is doing, running from one place to another, seeking out other sources of spirituality and not whole heartedly trusting in Him (that includes the words concerning yourself and your marriage that you declare with your tongue) ... then you’re not ready for your husband.

You need to be sitting with Him. Feasting on His word and drinking in His spirit. You need to be preparing yourself. Soaking it all up. So that He can present you to your husband ripe and ready. Not having to go and chase you down from wherever it is you keep running to... Because remember ... as much as God has plans for us... He has also given us free will. If you decide you’re going to do your own thing then He will raise up another in your place. If Ruth didn’t go to the King that day... Mordecai made it perfectly clear that God would raise up another in her place. Ultimately His bigger plan will be fulfilled and His plan for that man may be to birth a kingdom family where not even the children, but the grandchildren from that union are going to be people who rise up against the government and stand for Christian principles and values to not be eradicated from the school system.

It could literally be something as specific and as detailed as that. (Just like how Sampson was born to literally destroy Philistines) And where God wants you to be the grandmother of such children, if you’re not ready for it - or if you’re busy out there chasing everything else but Him and questioning everything about Him and the journey you feel He’s lead you on... then you have missed your blessing of a great marriage and a destiny that was meant to be.

But... because God is great... His mercy shall forever still be upon you and you will have a good life by His Grace - but there may be difficulties and certain trials you will have to face and go through that may scar you (but won’t kill you ... and you won’t have the same ending that He has wanted you to have) but that could have totally been avoided in the first place ... if you had just sat at His feet, listened wholeheartedly and waited for His instructions.

(Just like how Saul was anointed to be King and ended up getting replaced by David - through disobedience and trying to run ahead of God and doing things his own way. God will displace one to raise another... Don’t get Displaced ohhhhh!)

So... stop running girl! Lol!

Sit at His feet. Use You Version, the Bible App and get yourself reading lots of Bible plans what will edify you and awaken your spirit man.

God’s got you and this fast shall be fruitful, and excellent and pure in Jesus’ name Amen.

Love you.

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B xx


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