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Don’t Be Afraid... The Real Husband List Fast 2019 Marriages

Bonjour lovelies!

Hope you’re all well and getting ready for The Real Husband List Fast that starts on Thursday... it takes mental prep to get used to the concept of what we’re about to embark on.

I just want to encourage you all to not be afraid at all! It can seem a bit daunting and I can promise you that it’s something the devil surely doesn’t want us doing because guess what?

The devil HATES Marriage ... but guess what also???

God LOVES Marriage! It’s His design, idea and concept - so take heart and know that God has got you!

Whether you’ll be doing this fast trusting in the vision of 2019 marriages, or 2019 being the year that your singleness is finally addressed by God... or if you’re in a relationship and 2019 is the year for God to settle the matter of marriage for you both, or you’re in a relationship and 2019 is the year for God to remove you from that relationship because He has The One that He Himself had already prepared for you to be with, ready for you this year... OR.... lol! ... You’re already married and 2019 is the year that God is going to give you and your husband a breakthrough that will truly bless your marriage, or bring healing to your marriage, or bring fruition to your marriage, or defence against the enemy for your marriage, or 2019 is the year He’s going to send a crazy amount of legions of angels to be assigned to help fight on your behalf for your marriage for you (because The Lord knows we ALL need that kind of heavenly reinforcement lol) then ... I’m standing in agreement with you all as we pray and fast together over the next 31 days of August!

2019 marriages are ours in Jesus’ name!

Just a bit of background about the 2019 Marriages vision...

Those who have been following MRSBUSARI.COM would remember that back in November 2017... God gave me the vision of 2019 Marriages for His daughters who were truly seeking Him first and keeping themselves set apart and Holy for Him, as well as for those married who needed certain issues to be settled in their marriage.

Since receiving that vision in 2017 I’m so glad to say that I’ve seen God do it for so many women who started the 2019 Marriage journey. People who weren’t even in relationships previously have celebrated their wedding days this year so far already, and we’re just over half way in! (NEVER UNDERESTIMATE GOD!)

Some who joined the journey of faith since 2017 who were already in relationships got married last year in 2018 - praise God!

Some have their wedding dates booked for later this year in 2019 which I will be attending!

Some who were in relationships back in 2017 received revelation that those relationships were not of God and now find themselves in a godly relationship where a date for marriage has been established.

One person in particular who’s quite dear to me (in fact when God showed me the vision for 2019 marriages... He used this young lady as an example...) has seen 2019 as the year that the young man she’s now seeing (whom she hadn’t even met back in 2017 as she was in a relationship with a completely different person who was even making her question her Christian values and principles) ... has just last month gone to meet her mother to make his intentions for marriage known with a proposed date! Praise God!

For some who joined the fast last year in 2018, the men who they were currently in a relationship with back then, all of a sudden broke up with them. And for some, they had believed for YEARS that a certain person was destined to be their husband and they had put their whole life on hold, waiting for this man... and then all of a sudden after doing the fast, they were instantly no longer interested.

Trust me... those are good things!

The devil likes to keep us trapped and caught in bondage so that we’re blinded to what God really wants for us, as we’re sometimes suffocated by our own sense of righteousness and desire.

Remember... God knows the desires of our hearts ... and so does the devil!

The devil can tell you...

“You want marriage so badly right huh? Ok cool. Then stay. Stay in this relationship and God will give it to you. Don’t mind about how he’s treating you right now, all that stuff will change when you guys get married ... but if you leave him right now... then ya’ll ain’t never going to get married... and you DO want to get married don’t you....”

And so sister girl ends up staying in such a relationship - and instead of praying and fasting for God to break her away from every chain and bond that’s keeping her tied to the wrong person... she’s fervently praying and fasting for God to make a way for her to get married to this guy (with all night prayer even lol) ... and this guy has NO intention to marry her but sleeping with her is not a problem because he’s managed to convince her that they’ll be sleeping together when they get married anyway so what’s the difference ... and she’s trusting and believing both in him to pop the question ... and in Him to make it happen.

And guess who’s sitting back, laughing and popping sweet and salt flavoured popcorn into his mouth as he’s watching this Fiasco of Faith play out before his eyes on the big screen of Hell? Yup! The devil!

And he’s even shouting out: “Pray harder girl! Try the all night prayer session too!” In between his sips of Diet Coke!

But let me tell you something people! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again!

The devil is a LIAR!!!

He can’t help but lie. But what’s so interesting is he KNOWS the truth.

He knew that Jesus was the son of God but he didn’t want anyone else to believe it. So he made the very people that Christ came to save, end up being the ones to crucify Him.

He knows sex before marriage is wrong but he wants you to keep doing it so it will invite spirit husbands and spirit wives into your lives and he’ll keep on lying to you and telling you it’s ok... till you end up being married eventually and can’t have sex with your husband because you’re more attracted to the demon that comes to visit your bed at night than to your own husband.

The devil knows that God has someone planned for you, the right one, and so he’ll send someone appealing to you (but who’s also dangerous for you) your way.

The devil knows that God has said your marriage shall be for signs and wonders and that God has called the children from your marriage to be destined for greatness, so he’ll cause one of you to become distracted, mess up and want you to break up.

The devil knows that money is an issue and everyone needs it right? So he’ll lie to you and tell you to get it in ways that aren’t right and when it causes issues in your marriage he’ll lie and say it’s ok... when God has already prepared a blessing for you which is right around the corner ... but just before the day God’s going to bless your finances, the fraud police come knocking on your door and take your husband away, the kids watching and crying as he’s yelling at you to call the lawyer ...

... The only lawyer (advocate) you need is The Holy Spirit! He’s the one who brings a specific element of The Trinity that we truly need... The Spirit of Discernment!

When I started my prayer and fasting for a husband back on August 1st 2010... my main prayer point was for a Discerning Spirit! - And that’s the only one God answered lol! Because of course I asked for a good Christian church guy etc... and He brought me a Muslim! Lol!

God is Good!!!

Because if I didn’t get that gift of a discerning spirit... then I would have dismissed my “Muslim” and not have the man of Christ that my husband is today!

Last year, during the 2018 Real Husband List Fast... God gave me a vision of all the women on the Fast, marching towards their God ordained Marriage. Whether it was a marriage that needed healing or reinforcement or a blessing in some way (for those already married) ... or a marriage that He had designed and created (for those who were single).

However, I also saw that a specific number of women on the march had a mark on them.

And those marks were indicators for demons who had come out of the bush on either side of the pathway that the women were marching on. The demons were lurking by the bushes, watching the women and waiting for the ones who had marks on them - For each demon had been specifically assigned to a woman with a mark, to attach them self to the woman and to derail her from the path and from the march to her God ordained marriage.

That’s why you see some Christians ending up in horrible marriages where they feel they have no way out. The devil is a liar!

Just last week Monday I was on my way home alone, after spending a week away with Mr B ... when one of these demons came out of the bush and approached me. (We have a lot of bushes in Essex where I live lol). At first I didn’t realise what he was until after the encounter when I had dismissed him. The devil is trying it - but we are not to be afraid!

The spirit of discernment is key! And that is going to be our main prayer point for our fast this year.

No demon shall attach itself to any of us in Jesus’ name. Our marriages, and the path to marriage for the single ones shall not be derailed in Jesus’ name. Everything that tries to come up against our marriage, to destroy our husbands/future husbands , our children/future children, our legacy, the kingdom we’re building for God, shall be condemned and destroyed in Jesus’ name.

It makes me angry to even think about how the devil can even TRY to TRY it! But as The Lord says: TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED! Devil! You have NO jurisdiction over my life! Over my marriage! Over my husband. My home. My children. The works of my hands. My ministry! I decree and declare in the MIGHTY name of Jesus that you shall FLEE from me and all that The Lord God has given me! I cast you and your minions out with the blood of Jesus! I chase and cut down every demon on assignment to frustrate the plans of God for these women and their marriages. How dare you!!! I bind every demon, every demonic force, every principality and power that stands against God’s design for marriage.

I call forth the ministering angels that The Lord has assigned to me to be a covering and a shield for me and my marriage and for the lives of these women. We declare that we are not afraid. We take back all that has been lost and recover 100 fold the gift of marriage that has been promised us. God does not lie!

Father You made the Heavens and the Earth and You said that it was good. The only thing you said that was not good was that man was alone. He had the birds of the air and the beasts of the fields, the beauty of the flowers to behold and the grain from the ground to eat but You said it was not good enough. And so you brought the woman to him, fashioned from his own rib. You yourself declared that finally it was good! And we claim and hold on to that goodness... to your own design of marriage in Jesus’ name.

Make us pillars in our homes. Make us good and beautiful wives to our husbands. Cancel every decree of delay, confusion, anxiety, fear, lack of self worth and elements of deception, that have prevented us from achieving the marriages that You Yourself have decreed and established for us in Jesus’ name!

Every area of lack, of un fulfilment, of distraction, of un forgiveness, of pride, of unfaithfulness, of failure, of things just not working right, of disunity, I bind it now in the name of Jesus!

Every demon on assignment to destroy someone’s marriage or to cause someone to not get to the marriage that God has promised them, I cast them into the pit of hell right now in Jesus’ name!

Thank You Father God for Your promises and mighty power! Thank You sweet Jesus for your faithfulness and love. Thank You Holy Spirit for your peace and hope. We receive it today. We hold on to it and are grateful. We shall not be afraid. We rejoice in advance for all that You have done and are about to do for us. It is already done! Thank you Jesus!!! Thank You Jesus for the VICTORY!

In Jesus’ name, Amen!

... So... lol...

I didn’t actually mean to go into an impromptu prayer session there... The Holy Spirit just kind of took over lol! He is always in control! Thank You Lord!

God has just this very moment laid it on my heart to have a scripture and a song to pray with and listen to each day of the Fast...

*This will be our prayer scripture for the Fast:

“See, God has come to save me. I will trust in him and not be afraid. The Lord GOD is my strength and my song; he has given me victory.””

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭12:2‬ ‭NLT‬‬

*This will be our song to listen to every day during the Fast:

“Be Still” by Hillsong from the album “There is More”

His love shall surround us here! Our marriages and our journey to marriage is surrounded by the love of God. Like a hedge of protection encircling us, that can’t be broken. The Holy Spirit is here!

I’m so grateful and blessed to be on this journey with all of you ladies. This year Mr B and I celebrate 9 years of being together and 6 years of marriage. This 6th year (6 being the number of man) has been our toughest year in our relationship ever! But it just shows that trying to do life in the strength of man alone is impossible - but with God... all things are made possible. May we forever rely on Him always and not in our own strength and abilities.

The anointing that resides in me from praying and fasting for God to bless me with the right husband this time 9 years ago, is what I release for you to tap into.

No marriage is the same. No marriage is perfect. So I’m not praying for anyone to have the marriage that I have. Everyone has their own unique journey. But I do know that God has blessed me UNDENIABLY with His gift of marriage. Despite all of our hardships and the things that Mr B and I have had to face... I can 100% say and shout from every rooftop in the world that God is good and He has been so so good to me in my marriage. (Even when we felt like things were so bad and we would break up! - Because I want to emphasise that it hasn’t always been perfect and it takes work!) But Oh to think where I would be if not for Him! God loves marriage and He will make it work and it will be the best and the greatest for you in Jesus’ name! If you feel me ... shout an Amen and a Hallelujah!

That’s the anointing ... that’s the spirit I want you to tap into during this fast as God leads and directs you on this journey.

So how will the Fast work?

For the 1st 7 days of the fast, we’re all going to fast for 12 hours.

It can be midnight to 6pm...

Or 6pm to 12 midday ...

Or any 12 hours out of the 24 we have.

It’s completely up to you.

We’re just all going to tap into that same anointing from back in 2010 and fast for 12 hours for 7 days.

12 to represent each month of the year.

7 to represent God’s number of perfection and completion.

Then for the remaining 21 days of August, it’s completely up to you to Fast how you want. It could be that you’re going to continue the 12 hour fasting. Or you’re going to do a liquid only fast for the remaining 21 days. Or you’re going to give up a type of food for 21 days. Or you’re going to give up a TV show for 21 days. Or you’re going to take up a new discipline (like exercise) for 21 days lol!

Whatever or however you decide to do it for the remaining 21 days, stay faithful. Stay disciplined. Stay hopeful. Stay prayerful.

On the 1st August at 8pm (UK time) we’ll be meeting on instagram live to pray the first prayer and discuss anything we want to discuss.

We’ll be doing the same on August 31st, same time, to bring the Fast to a close with prayer.

So make sure you’re following mrsbusari.com on insta to join in.

On September 14th we’ll be holding the Wifelife Master Course to prepare our wives to be as well as a refresher course for our current wives.

(We’re inviting the men to join us on this one too! So bring them along!)

If you’re in the UK sign up here:


If you’re outside the UK you can take it online here:


To watch my Marriage Testimony and see how God started this journey of marriage ministry all from that day in August 2010 with prayer and fasting... watch here and I pray it blesses you.


To get your copy of The Real Husband List Book, click here:


If you haven’t signed up for the fast yet, you can do it here:


Let’s get our marriages on point and on fire for Christ!

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B


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