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Day 31 - The Real Husband List Fast (August 2018)

Hi lovelies!

Huge congrats to all who joined us in the fast this month. Today marks the last day and the past month for me personally has been filled with SO many ups and downs!

I can see where the devil has tried it and I can also see where God has told me to take courage and to have faith in Him.

Marriage is SERIOUS business and it's not a joke!

I pray that for all those who have been faithful to Him, that you will not be put to shame in Jesus' name. I personally admit that with all I was going through, there were times when I just wanted to give up. I feel like it's a whole lot easier to encourage others than to encourage yourself - but we're told to take heart and be of good courage and that includes encouraging ourselves by reading God's Word, praying and standing on the promises that He's said concerning us.

My honest heart-felt prayer is that the vision of Marriages by 2019 shall surely come to pass for each and every one of you. The same way you have shown faith and trusted in Him, will be greatly rewarded in Jesus' name.

I've just returned from a trip to Israel, for a friend's wedding (The one who joined the Husband Fast almost 2 years ago) - and being in the heart of Jerusalem (see pic below - it was honestly such a beautiful experience), where Jesus walked, talked and died for us - helped put a lot of things into perspective. - Especially the fact that He didn't just die there - but that He was also risen - and defeated sin, death, pain, shame, hurt, depression, loneliness and all of the enemy's lies.

There is life and there is power in Him - and that's the one who is in control of birthing and shaping and blessing the marriages that we have given into His hands to bless us with.

As you have all prayed into the lives of your future husbands, may those prayers be received by Him in Jesus' name - and wherever your future husband is right now - may those prayers start to manifest in his life - so that he shall be ready for you in Jesus' name.

Today's prayer is based on the Proverbs 31 Woman and it's to round up the prayers - as it's important that we are praying for ourselves.

Now! The plan is to jump on to Instagram live tonight at 6pm UK time so we can do the last prayer together... However!!!! That is ALL dependent on what Josiah & Joshua decide to do at that time lol! If I'm not able to, then I will record a video and send it out - but please do send in your comments/ prayer points so we can share the experience of the last day together.

Love you guys .. as in I truly appreciate you and thank you all for checking in on me.

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B Xx


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