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Daniel Fast - Day 12- Stay Strong

Bonjour lovelies!

We’ve reached Day 12 and I just want to encourage you to keep the faith.

One thing that’s so key to remember is that whilst we’re doing this fast, and believing God for an encounter/breakthrough ... it‘s important to not get too hung up about focusing on the actual food.

If you find yourself obsessing over certain ingredients within a meal, take a breather and remember that God is the focus here lol!

I definitely learnt that lesson when I got locked out last week and was angry at God for allowing it to happen, specifically when I had made a conscious effort that morning to avoid buying a jar of sauce that had sugar as one of its ingredients lol!

It taught me that God can’t be bribed by our actions - so if our focus is on the actual foods of the fast itself, then we’ve missed the plot. Our focus should always be on Him first and foremost.

Something else God showed me yesterday in a dream/vision was that the enemy was trying to provoke certain people on this fast by reminding them of their past sins and by trying to deter them from pushing onwards, as though they are not worthy to receive a blessing.

Well let me tell you now! And I’ll say it a thousand times!!!


Remember you have been set free and are a new creation in Christ. The blessing that The Lord has stored up for you is YOURS! And the devil can’t stand it, he can’t stop it and there’s nothing he can do about it! (as my old pastor used to say).

So be bold in your prayers with humility and grace. Thank God for His gift of salvation and for setting you free and for allowing us all to freely come to His feet and to receive from Him.

Cast out every form of doubt planted by the enemy and declare that the blessings of Abraham are yours too!

Remember ... all our sins have been nailed to the cross.

This fast shall not be in vain in Jesus’ name.

Below are some meal ideas I mentioned I would share in my last post.

Love you all.

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B xx

Meal Ideas

Breakfast Cauliflower Fritters with Spinach 1 cauliflower head 1 potato

1 onion

Coconut milk Ground Flax seed Sesame seeds Spinach

Olive oil

1) Grate the potato, onion and cauliflower into a bowl

2) Add a splash of coconut milk/coconut yogurt

3) Roll the mixture into balls 

4) Roll the balls in the ground flax seeds and Sesame seeds

5) Heat the oil in a frying pan 6) Flatten the  balls in the pan and fry until gold brown

7) Wilt the spinach  8) Sprinkle sesame seeds in the spinach and serve with fritters

Lunch Creamy Strawberry Spinach Smoothie3 Handful Spinach Avocado 10 Strawberries 1) Chop and blend ingredients Dinner Veg, Sweet Potato Fries and kale chips Broccoli 1 handful baby carrots 1 handful of sugar snaps 2 sweet potatoes 3 handfuls of kale Chilli flakes Cumin Garlic granules Black pepper A pinch of salt A slice of lime 1) Cut sweet potatoes into strips 2) Grease baking tray with olive oil 3) Season sweet potatoes with chilli flakes, salt and  black pepper 4) Bake in preheated oven for 30 minutes at 200 degrees 5) Tear kale into pieces and season with cumin and garlic granules 6) Reduce oven heat to 100 degrees and add kale and cook for 15 minutes 7) Steam vegetables for 4 minutes 8) Serve


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