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Daniel Fast 2019 Bible Plan

Hi lovelies!!

The Daniel Fast 2019 is about to start tomorrow morning (for those in the UK)...

We’ll be starting from mindnight tonight UK time - but honestly whatever your time zone is in the world right now, just start from midnight where you are.

Thank you everyone for joinjng.

Below is the link for the You Version Bible App that we’ll be using as a guide for the fast and it‘ll be great to hear everyone’s thoughts in the discussion section each day.

Remember our main prayer point is

What better way to start the year than with Him directing and guiding every plan and exploit we commit to Him.

I‘m excited about the next 21 days guys and I’m looking forward to the testimonies 🙌🏾🙏🏾

Here‘s a list of foods my sister sent me for the fast. To be honest... this list was compiled by some guy somewhere ... so just take it as a guide.

The main idea is to be healthy and pure and not focus on delicacies but to focus on having a clear and pure mind and body as we seek His face -Just as Daniel did.

Instead of craving ice cream and cookies... let’s crave a spirit of excellence and use that as the benchmark for setting the standard for our 2019 ( I AM SO PREACHING TO MYSELF HERE RE THE ICE CREAM & COOKIES) lol!

See you in the You Version App!

(And feel free to send me any messages/ questions)

Here‘s the link:

Would you read the Bible plan, Fast Like Daniel, with me?


Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B xx

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