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Bonjour lovelies!

Happy Think Fast Tuesday!

The bank holiday weekend for me started with a bout of self consciousness and lacking confidence because I didn’t know what to wear for my sister’s party. I had three outfit changes before deciding to wear this one, all in a bid to make my “mum tum” not look so obvious.

But the fact is… as my mum keeps reminding me… I had a baby… two In fact.. and those blessings from God should never be a thing to knock my confidence. (Praise Jesus for control pants though 📷📷).

And confidence is such a POWERFUL tool when used correctly. We’ve finally come to the end of our 28 Day Book of Acts Virtual Bible Study and one of the biggest take aways has been having the confidence and boldness to stand up for Christ just as Paul did.

As a woman, there are SO many things that can knock our confidence in life, whether it’s being the only female applicant for a top role in a male dominated organisation… or wanting to play sports when the guys keep making fun of you… or trying to hold the entirety of your life together in a supermarket when you’ve got one toddler throwing a tantrum and a baby pulling on your bra trying to whip your breast out!!!

But I’ve since learnt that once you know and accept that Christ has your back, you’re literally unstoppable. I think we just need to be reminded of that fact from time to time.

The next virtual bible study will start on June 1st and it’ll be a 14 day plan based on Joyce Meyer’s The Confident Woman.

For anyone who wants to join on June 1st, comment below and let me know and I’ll send out the link before then. Would love for you all to join in and hear your thoughts and learn from your life experiences too!

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