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... And Goodbye Instagram!!!!

I shared on Instagram this evening that I’ll be taking a break from the hashtag life ... at least for the month of November that is.

In this picture I had the honour of celebrating the marriage vow renewal of a very dear friend of mine. It touched me greatly and I’m so proud of her. The value people place on their marriage should be great! Far greater than the value they place on the actual wedding day and celebrations itself.

I’ve found myself in a place where it sometimes feels like the essence of using social media as a platform for Marriage Ministry has lost its hold.

I need to go back to dedicating purposeful time to writing blog posts that share wisdom and insight on Marriage for wives and wives to be.

Don’t get me wrong! I LOVE the gram! And it’s a great platform and a wonderful tool - and I love posting shots of my hubby and miracle baby boys but it can also be a distraction! And at times I go on there with a specific intent and purpose to share something that God has dropped in my spirit but I get blindsided by someone’s post ... or their insta stories and before you know it... I’m drowning in someone’s random feed watching a video about a lady who’s wig fell off whilst dancing!!!! (So random but it’s true)

So! If you want to know more about Marriage with a purpose... then hit that subscribe button and make sure you’re following the blog because I have A LOT to share ... ranging from the time when God told me to shut my mouth and know my role in Marriage! ... to ... the devastating effects that can occur in the life of your future daughter in law if YOU end up marrying the WRONG man! (Yes! Your Future Daughter In Law - who’s not even born yet!)

So you won’t see me on the gram this November (NO-gram-VEMBER)

Ok! That was not a good joke but you get my drift lol!

And I promise to be more on point with the blog, particularly throughout the month of November.

Stay tuned and God bless!

And remember: We’re still on track for Marriages by 2019 in Jesus’ name!

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B xx


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