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2019! The Daniel Fast!

Happy New Year lovelies!!!!

I can’t believe another year has flown by just like that! It was literally November 2017 when God showed me the vision of Marriages by 2019 and I’ve seen His faithfulness in that on a huge scale! All glory to Him!!!

I know there are still people waiting and trusting in Him for theirs to come to fruition as well as waiting on Him for a number of other things (myself included) and one thing that rings clear to me is ensuring I commit EVERYTHING into His hands - rather than trying to work things out for myself.

This year MUST be one completely built in Him to propel us into what He has laid up for us. We can’t afford to try and do it on our own or without His guidance, instruction, boundaries and blessings.

On New Years Eve one of the lovely blog followers messaged me about fasting. I had planned to but hadn’t worked out how yet or the scripture to use.

Then in the early hours of New Years Day my god sister suggested we Fast and to start on the very same day that I has already said I would start (7th Jan) ...

... and she suggested The Daniel Fast!

What better way to start the year than with one of cleansing and striving to emulate the excellent spirit of Daniel.

The scripture we’ll be using is Proverbs 16:3

It’s essential that all of our plans, all of our thoughts, attempts, exploits, relationships... are committed to Him.

One of the things God showed me last year was the enemy on assignment to target and mess up the potential relationships/marriages of women... so the spirit of discernment is SO key right now to ensure that that doesn’t happen.

Only the people God wants us to connect with this year shall be the ones on our radar and anyone on assignment to mess that up in any way shape or form, we condemn them to the pit of Hell in Jesus’ name!

The plans of the enemy to derail us in any way shall not stand in Jesus’ name and we shall excel and thrive with an excellent spirit like that of Daniel.

We will NOT miss out on the goodness that God has planned for us this year in Jesus’ name!

To join the Fast simply click the link below:


We’ll be starting on the 7th January for 21 days until the 28th.

Below is a list of foods that are usually consumed during The Daniel Fast and their benefits:

May God bless and be with us as we embark on the fast and I’m looking forward to awesome testimonies in Jesus’ name!

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