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1st Week of Daniel Fast

Bonjour lovelies!

Huge congrats for making it through the first week of the Daniel Fast!

Just two more to go!

I‘ve never done it as a group before and doing it collectively (even though it’s a virtual group) is giving me so much support and strength right now. Thank you all.

To kick start this week, the YouVersion plan speaks about knowing and using the Word of God.

It’s so key to be ready with scripture to use as a defence and as a weapon to stamp out the lies of the enemy. We have to constantly affirm and reaffirm what God’s Word says about us so that that is the testimony of our lives that we believe and not what the devil tries to present to us.

As we’re fasting, we should be ready to say bold prayers as we humbly come before His throne and the enemy can try to put us off saying and believing those prayers - but we have to know who we are in Christ and what His Word says concerning us, to put out the flames of doubt fanned by the devil.

Is it Marriages by 2019? God can still do it! Is it the gift of having a child? God can still do it! Is it moving to another level of work and prosperity? God can still do it! Is is learning to grow closer to Him and having a supernatural encounter? God can still do it. What He has placed on Your heart to do... don’t make it an idol but cast it as a crown before Him in prayer and fasting and trust Him and watch and see the Glorious wonders of our MIGHTY God unfold in your life. In Jesus’ name.

Tomorrow I will post some food/meal ideas that go well with the Daniel Fast to help us along when making food choices.

Let me know how the first week has been for you! - And perhaps share your prayer points so we can collectively pray over them as a group.

My prayer points:

-For God to give me strength and wisdom raising my Busari Boys! Especially during the week when Mr B is working away.

-For Mr B to get a good job closer to home so he doesn’t have to work away during the week

-For strength, clarity & wisdom working on my business

-For strength, wisdom, obedience and always being in tune with the Holy Spirit concerning the marriage ministry and all that God has called me to do for others through it.

- For God to help me empower the youths to know Him on a deeper level.

Those are my prayer points. What are yours?

Faith, Hope & Love,

Mrs B xx

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